Sunday, 28 May 2017

ESXi Log Files and Locations

For troubleshooting any issue it is very important to locate and analyse the logs let's have a look at log with there location and use.

ESXi Shell authentication success and failure
DHCP client service, including discovery, address lease requests and renewals
ESXi patch and update installation logs
Link Aggregation Control Protocol logs
Host management service logs, including virtual machine and host Task and Events, communication with the vSphere Client and vCenter Server vpxa agent, and SDK connections
Host management service responsiveness checker
HTTP connections proxied on behalf of other ESXi host webservices
ESXi Shell usage logs, including enable/disable and every command entered
Early VMkernel startup and module loading
A compressed file that contains boot log information
Management service initialization, watchdogs, scheduled tasks and DCUI use
USB device arbitration events, such as discovery and pass-through to virtual machines
VMkernel Observation events
Core VMkernel logs, including device discovery, storage and networking device and driver events, and virtual machine startup
A summary of Warning and Alert log messages excerpted from the VMkernel logs
A summary of ESXi host startup and shutdown, and an hourly heartbeat with uptime, number of virtual machines running, and service resource consumption
Vide acceleration