Wednesday, 30 August 2017

PSC Deployment model

The Platform Services Controller (PSC) Deployment Models: 
Deployment model plays an important role for further enhancement for you environment.

Basically PSC can be deployed in 2 ways.
  • Embedded PSC
  • External PSC
vCenter Server with Embedded PSC:
The embedded PSC is meant for standalone sites where vCenter Server will be the only SSO integrated solution.

  • Sufficient for most environments. Easiest to deploy and maintain
  • Aimed at minimizing fault domains. Use in conjunction with only one of VMware Product or Solution.
  • Multiple standalone instances supported
  • Replication between embedded instances not supported
  • Supports Windows & Appliance

vCenter Server with External PSC:
This configuration basically allows multiple vCenter Servers to link to a PSC.

  • Recommend this if deploying/growing to multiple vCenter Server instances that need to be linked
  • Reduces footprint by sharing Platform Services Controller across several vCenter Servers
  • Deploy more than one PSC to provide resilience within the environment
  • Supports Windows & Appliance

We are going to Discuss in detail about PSC our next post would be on High Availability of PSC . I hope you will enjoy these posts.
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